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Hummingbird Season

Archie’s life—and the whole world—is turned upside down by Covid-19. Suddenly there are no more Friday night dinners out, no more going to school, no more hanging out with friends…no leaving the house at all.

Even though he's inside with his family all day every day, Archie feels more alone than ever. While everyone else seems to be adapting to their new normal just fine, it's like Archie is permanently on mute, unable to find the words to describe how he feels—and unable to find someone who will listen. The bright spot of Archie's days at home is watching and learning about the hummingbirds that feed outside his windows.


But just when it seems like this could be what brings his family together again, California experiences its worst wildfire in history, and Archie's favorite hummingbird disappears. In a time when hope is hard to hold on to, Archie must find his voice and find hope once again.

Middle Grade

Coming February 13, 2024

Bloomsbury Children's

Cover art by Karyn S. Lee

Cover design by Jeanette Levy


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