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When We Read

We deserve ALL the books.

In order to read, we need freedom.

The freedom to choose.

The freedom to include.

The freedom to like

because reading is our right.

A book that’s very much for you

might not be the book for them.

And that’s fine.

Because they don’t have to like it

but they can’t take away your right to it.

Your right to grow

your right to improve

your right to know

the lies

from the truths.

You deserve the freedom to learn

the freedom to yearn.

The freedom to turn

the world

into a better place.

A world that includes

rather than excludes.

A world that replaces hate

with an embrace.

Where all are free to find their voice

and all are free to make their own choice.

When we read in freedom

we get to see who we are

we get to BE who we are.

And that is our right.

We have a right to ALL the books.

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