The League of Picky Eaters

A hilarious and heartwarming debut about picky eating, finding your people, and standing proud.


In Muffuletta, being good at Eating is the key to success. French fries and grilled cheese? Beginner food! Haggis and truffles? Delicacies!

After failing a school Eating test, picky eater Minerva is placed in the lowest eating track of all: Remedial Eating to Change Habits. RETCH class is full of kids with weird personalities and even weirder food preferences. And to make matters worse, Minerva's best friends in the Gifted and Gourmet class no longer speak to her.

But soon Minerva finds she is not alone in her pickiness, and forms friendships with her new classmates. And together, they find a way to stand up for themselves--picky and proud!

​Middle Grade

Coming October 12, 2021

Clarion Books/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Cover art by Alyssa Nassner

Cover design by Marie Claire Cruz

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